1723 N Halsted

1723 N Halsted

My 2 day stage is over, but I’m going in for a 3rd day tomorrow… well today.

The last 2 days have been the hardest of my life both physically and mentally. I can say with all certainty that I was unaware of the fact that food could be produced at this level. It’s no longer food, but more of a dream. The whole meal is a well choreographed dance. Edible artwork in fact.

Before I came here, I was aware of what I might face. I knew that it would be the hardest experience of my life but I was not aware of how it would feel. My whole body hurts but I actually enjoyed it. I pushed myself to extremes I didn’t even know were possible.

This cooking thing it seems is less about recipes that you have crammed and more about pushing yourself to the limit while getting work done. As a home cook, your goal is to feed people good food. In that case there is time to play around and go with feeling. Ultimately your guests can’t too be mad because you called them to eat. In a restaurant however, the diners expect what they want as soon as possible. For the most part they dictate to you. What is important here is your ability to execute someone else’s vision.

I now have a love hate relationship. Everything I want to become lies at the other side of this job. I want to open a restaurant that showcases Nigerian food in a new way. this is the setup I need and the people I see are the kinds I would need to assemble. The actual construction and setup are the easy parts. The hard part lies with making sure the people working are willing to bring their A game 5 days a week. For the first time I can say I have met people who are similar to me as far as work ethic. There is only the right  way to do things and multitasking is the only way to go about it.

Hmm… I am ready to commit. I say I am not sure but I already made up my mind. The worst thing thy can happen is that I can get fired but even by then I would have learned a ton.

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