Agege Bread – Trip to Ayokunu Bread Factory

Agege Bread – Trip to Ayokunu Bread Factory

Agege bread is a kind of bread found in Lagos, Nigeria. If you ask a local for “bread” this is the kind of bread that you will get. For any other kind of bread you would need to specify that you want “sliced bread” or a particular brand before its given to you. It is named such because it is believed to have origins in Agege a suburb of Lagos. Throughout the state it is not uncommon to see women hawking the bread on the streets. The recipe for the bread is quite standard but the method is what sets it apart. The loaf is light but sturdy and has a distinctive mouth feel that I am yet to experience with any other bread I have tried.

This is a stylized picture of a typical Agege bread seller in Lagos.

A few months ago Batta Box uploaded a video about Agege bread. Imoteda a friend of mine called me up after watching it and before I knew it we were driving around Agege looking for a place that made the bread. It was a rather satisfying experience and I learned a lot. I have tried and failed many times to make the loaf but I am definitely going to use this method next time.

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