Are you ready to run?

Are you ready to run?

Chef Dan: What’s your deal are you staying?
Me: Uhh…… yeah?
Chef Dan: You see how crazy it is hunh? Next week you better come running.
Me: Yes chef see you on Wednesday.

My first week at 1723 is over. The conversation I had with most of the cooks in the kitchen went similar to this. Different words but the same idea. On day 3 this week a friend of mine asked how it was going and I said “my body is saying yes but my mind hasn’t” to which she responded “Oh wow. Okay. I thought your mind would say yes but your body wouldn’t”

I will be honest, my body has never hurt this much in my life. But I will confess it is the most satisfying pain I have ever felt. For the first time in a while,  I have been waking up ready to tackle my day. Initially I start off tired but the moment I arrive at the back door of 1723 and see the chefs running, I wake up. The menu is mostly the same,  you know what you need to do and you run till its done.

Throughout this week, I have been questioning my decision to want to work here multiple times. I think I want it, but do I want it enough to spend 14 hours a day, 5 days a week at it? When I think about it, I am tempted to say no but my body has already executed the tasks with precision and speed. This is where the problem lies for me. I was expecting something to give me a sign so that I will know. Perhaps I would have a divine revelation or something.

Week 2 starts tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

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