Since I was young, I have always created art in one form or another. In recent times I have been exploring many forms of making to find what I enjoy.

The creative process has been a refuge for me in times of pain. No matter what I am going through I know for certain that if I am able to create anything no matter how small I will not only feel better but have courage to take on the world.

Here are a few of those things that have kept me here on the hard days. Each section contains a different body of work. Feel free to look through each of them. Clicking the title takes you to see the other images.

These pieces were made without thinking or planning. I allowed the materials and the feelings In my body to dictate my movements. They map out the subtle yet prominent journey of life through exploration. Each of them have hidden stories that require light or distance to be viewed

You are only seeing these sketches today because the psychiatrist that picked me up and put me together during my depression showed me that my life was valuable. There is no shame in asking for help when things get tough and a little too confusing for you to handle by yourself.

Just because everything in your life is going wrong, does not mean that you can not make something beautiful of it.

We all have parts of ourselves that we lock away and expose to a select few. The One Eyed Kings explores what communication could be like if one of your most vulnerable stories was on display for everyone to see.

Pain is something that we all experience yet never talk about. For about 20 days I took a prescription pain medicine called Lyrica for my chronic pain. I was prescribed this after about 10 years of being in daily physical pain when I finally got a diagnosis which I now know was wrong.