Ancestral Fingers

In April 2019, I became fascinated with dyeing fabric. I started by creating functional pieces that ended up in my One Eyed Kings exhibition. As I made these pieces, my father came over and told me a story about my grandfather. 

Though I only met him a few times as a child, my dad’s dad was a tailor and a herbalist. My father told me about how they would dye fabric and how my movements when I worked mimicked my his father. 

Since then, I have found out that all my artistic practices (sewing, dying, cooking, soap making, ceramics, painting, story telling) that I have taught myself have a link to activities my grandparents and parents did. That got me fascinated with the idea that my artistic practice may not be mine but I channel my ancestors when I work. 

These pieces were made without thinking or planning. I allowed the materials and the feelings In my body to dictate my movements. They map out the subtle yet prominent journey of life through exploration. Each of them have hidden stories that require light or distance to be viewed

What do you see?

Materials – Nigerian Cotton from Kano, Parrafin Wax, Acrylic Paint, Fabric Dye, Polyester thread
Sizes – 110 x 110, 100 x 120 (measurements in centimeters)

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