Becoming you – I am okay with myself

I am all for and about change. If there is something you don’t like, I believe in taking active steps to change it when you get the chance. When I mention change here, I do not mean the outward things like your job, friend circle or where you live. I mean the things at your core that make you who you are.

For the longest time, I disliked myself completely. I did not like that I was overweight, that I have brown eyes and big big feet, that I did not produce perfect work all the time and biggest of all that I was not the person I thought I should be.

We all have things that we do not like about ourselves for that is what spurs change but are you willing to accept yourself for who you are right now in this very moment? Are you okay with accepting that a lot of the things you want to change will not bring you the happiness you think it will? Are you okay with looking in the mirror right now and loving that person more than anyone else in your life?

For me in this moment, loving myself is an uphill battle. When I make progress the negative thoughts in my stream of consciousness find a way to make me forget. One day at a time.

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