Coconut balls and kaffir lime leaves

Coconut balls and kaffir lime leaves

This week was intense. It was easier physically but just as draining all round. For me the problem is the intense focus. If you slack off and work slowly, you will have to run later to finish up your work.

If I had to summarize my week into 2 lessons, one would be always ask questions and the other would be prep more than you need.

Something that has facinted me is how the chefs repeat the orders read to them. For example if the chef says give me 10 cherries,  the response is 10 cherries and then you go. I used to think it was pointless till I made  a mistake. What I didn’t realize is that repeating the order ensures you understand fully. If you say the wrong thing back, you can be corrected before you do the wrong thing

At the end of service one day  I heard the chef de partie say clean the station but really he meant just the pots. To summarize I threw away only the things they actually needed for the last plate and there were some delays due to it. Damn those coconut balls.

The last thing is you can never have too much mise en place. Prepping when you shouldn’t only wastes time. Although it may seem trivial 20 minutes peeling garlic when you should be julienning kaffir lime leaves sets the whole day back.

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