Efirin inspirations from the Kitchen Butterfly

Efirin inspirations from the Kitchen Butterfly

This is a post about Efirin (Scent leaf / Bush basil). Nah I kind of lied is about other things but mostly Efirin.

It is very easy to think that you are alone with your problems until you meet someone totally different yet similar to you. Different because as far as all other things of life are concerned, you bare no similarities.However you’re similar because when you speak they can complete your thought and they seem to understand it better than you understand it yourself but you never really know how much time you will have with them. Some may call it a kindred spirit if you believe in that sort stuff. Today I had the privilege of meeting Ozoz (Kitchen Butterfly) who is a Nigerian food blogger among other things.

Usually I am slightly nervous when I meet a new person however in this case, I felt like I met an old friend. We chatted about a few things and she gave me a dip that she made to try that contained Efirin. I thought I would get home, try it, think it was good and then move on. However, when I got home as prescribed I tried it with plantain chips. Although
delicious, it did not satisfy my tongue. I then assembled it with some other things and toasted it in the oven. But it was still not there yet. Then I put it in spaghetti with saffron and served it with peppered snails and peanuts.
There it was. The funny thing is I did not realize I was cooking till I had finished and was washing dishes. This whole experience took me back to cuisine class in Paris when we made our final dish for graduation. That process of tasting, thinking, creating and tweaking till a complete dish appears before you. Time seems to pass but that is irrelevant because you are in the zone.

As marvelous as this new Efirin experience was it then took me deep within myself. As at recent I have been unable to create and slightly depressed about it because creating is the gift I have. Making things is the only thing I am good at and when I can’t do it, I feel uneasy. Perhaps my gift has run it’s course and is gone forever. So then why had I forgotten how to create when that is what I know how to do? The short answer is the people I surround myself with.

If you are doing something creative no matter how big or small the project is, there is something magical that happens when you do it in the presence of other creative people directly or indirectly. There is this invisible network of energy that you are suddenly plugged into that gives you motivation and helps you forget all the personal obstacles you have. When
you see someone in the process of doing what you want to do successfully, it jolts you to this place of higher consciousness where all the baggage you are carrying disappears completely. Being in the zone as some might call it. While
you are in the zone time is suspended, your mind is open and alert, and the information you have stored pours out and moves your body accordingly to collect more information or execute a task. This ability however gets dull. It is like having low current from NEPA*. Things manage to work but there is an unnecessary amount of struggle required to do it.

So then what can you do if you are feeling in a creative rut? GO OUT! Meet a fellow creative person. Get some sunlight. Do something positive perhaps. Sitting in your house with yourself does you little good. It only helps to let the insecurities about your work cloud your mind and make you less able to use your skills to affect to world. Believe it or not, although nobody
asked you to create anything, only you know why the world needs it and why you need to complete your task within your lifetime. Stay strong and keep going.

*NEPA is the old name of the electricity company in Nigeria. Although the name has changed a few times, this is the one that has stuck. Due to some unnecessary problems, power supply is infrequent and as a result most houses use generators for electricity. Sometimes however when there is electricity the current is low and light bulbs are as bright as a candle and most house hold appliances do not work.

If you have time check out the Kitchen Butterfly. There is some unique information on there (http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/).

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