Food and Memories: A discussion with an old friend

This was the inspiration for this post

I just got off a Skype call with an old friend from culinary school. We were not in the same level but due to some twist of fate we ended up being friends. I can’t believe it has been a year already.

Recently I have been watching interviews of many of the high profile chefs. For a lot of them there seemed to be this common thread of them talking about their grandmother, mother or an older female family member cooking meals. It seems as if those eating and cooking experiences influenced the kind of cuisine they have gone on to cook.

For the longest time, I have witnessed incidents where people eat food and say “this reminds of (insert older female family member here)’s cooking”. It was extremely foreign to me. Growing up, my brother and I ate a good amount of canned fruits and vegetables along with easymac, mini muffins, chef boyardee, pillsbury and other American convenience food. Although comparatively I did not consider my childhood eating habits note worthy, every once in a while I find myself craving canned ravioli or Del Monte canned pear syrup. The thing is, I did not make the connection between my cravings and childhood till that Skype call. The thing that happened was this

We were reminiscing over some events in Paris and they all seemed to revolve around food. I can still taste and remember fondly the small meals we shared together as well as most of my Paris meals. It was kind of weird. As I started thinking back after that call, I realized that most of my most powerful memories are related to food. If the food was not being eaten, it was used as a decoration, it was being thrown around or it was being thrown away,

This idea is interesting to me because the most mundane meal eaten at the right time will taste amazing. I wonder if this idea can be played with in a dining experience.

I particularly enjoyed this post. Mainly because of the comments

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