Fresno curls

Fresno curls

The major lesson I learned this week happened while I was making Fresno curls. They are pepper skins that are made to curl with iced water. Over the last week I was showed how to do it many times but for some reason mine just never curled. Because of this, a trivial 10 minute task took about an hour and a half as I had to curl them all manually. If not for the seriousness of the kitchen, I would of danced on the last day of this week. They finally curled. Well only 10% did but it’s a start right?

The lesson is this. Anyone can be your teacher. If you told me a week ago that one of the only people I dislike in the restaurant would teach me how to do only the thing that really made me struggle this whole week I would have been in disbelief. In the same light if you told me that the chef would see me struggling and teach me the proper way to segment and slice a lime in less than 15 seconds I would have called you a liar.

Working at a starred restaurant requires tact. Being able to cook is one of the many skills you need as you are but a piece in a well oiled machine that needs to grow into its role. You must be able to do what you are told fast and as perfectly as possible.

One of the chefs said something this week that I am finding to be true. “When you go to work and kill it all your problem melt away”. As much as my body hurts from pushing myself, I actually enjoy waking up and going to work.

I am not sure how I feel about that yet

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