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Bread in Nigeria – Where did it come from? – Part 1

curiousfindingsJune 12, 2020
As someone who loves baking, bread is extremely important. Without wheat, my whole career as a pastry chef would be impossible. If you look into Nigerian cuisine, you will struggle to find traditional recipes in the South West of Nigeria that contain wheat. As a Nigerian, the most common things that come to mind are […]

Lagos street food – Tasty but deceptive

curiousfindingsJune 11, 2020
I am insanely curious by nature and this also extends to street food. I am the person in a group that will try the weird thing nobody else will. About a year ago, I went to Oniru market with a friend and as expected I had to dive in and get one of each thing […]

5 things I wish I knew about hiring last year

curiousfindingsJune 9, 2020
Hiring is difficult and to be completely honest, I am still really bad at it. In my last post about reasons your business is failing, “They hire the right people” was one of the reasons. A few months back, I had a tendency to cover up inadequacies because I felt that the person would change. […]

What can I find on this site?

The Curious Findings is a culmination of many years of writing that have now found a home. I have always been a curious person and as such I am constantly finding ways to keep myself occupied. It took me a while to pull this together because my interests are always wandering and I was never able to settle on a title or subject matter for a blog.

Each of the following blocks show focus areas of the site. If you find the text or images interesting, be sure to check out the link at the end to read more.

Food and Cooking

Food has been a central part to my life experience. I had a round about way into the kitchen but in many ways I am the person I am now because of how food has shaped me.

Cooking as a professional gave me a way of seeing food that highlights the artistry behind the flavor. love watching how others cook to learn more about my own techniques and find what they consider normal.

My tastes are varied and food has taken me to different countries in search of what other cultures consider good food.

There are some techniques, explorations, reflections and observations from travel.

Read more on Food and Cooking


I started podcasting as a way to explore conversation and reading out loud. I have slowly found that I have a soothing voice and connecting comes naturally to me. There are 2 seasons. The first is more general with the second season is focused on chronic health conditions.

E1 – The Dream – 6 months off

BycuriousfindingsSeptember 21, 2018 The Dream I Woke up from an airport themed dream. I took a…

For the podcast episodes:
Season 1 – Explorations
Season 2 – Chronically Ill Friends


Since I was young, I have always created art in one form or another. In recent times I have been exploring many forms of making to find what I enjoy.

The creative process has been a refuge for me in times of pain. No matter what I am going through I know for certain that if I am able to create anything no matter how small I will not only feel better but have courage to take on the world.

Here are a few of those things that have kept me here on the hard days.

To view each body of work I have made click here

Business Operations

I grew up in and around retail businesses and I have always been fascinated with how business ecosystems works. Over the years, I have been actively and passively involved in running a 7 figure business and it has taught me a lot. Here are some things I have realized.

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