Learning to pay attention

Learning to pay attention

I have been writing this note for almost 2 months now and I’ve struggled because it’s quite emotionally charged for me. But now that Alinea 1.0 is closing, I feel it is necessary to close this chapter and get ready for the next one.

Since I transitioned from the morning crew to
service, I’ve been on pastry station. Service for me is getting everything ready for the dessert that’s plated on the table and the apple baloons.

Initially I absolutely hated service but as each week passed I got more and more into it. Out of everything I do, the only thing that has brought me to tears multiple times is the coconut balls on the final dessert.

For the final dessert, there are a few sauces and tropical fruits that are artistically drawn on the diners table and as the finale, there is a coconut based meringue ball frozen in liquid nitrogen that is broken in front of the diner as a nice visual end.

In the kitchen there are a few ways the expediter calls for the coconut balls but the main way is “pour for a single chef”. It’s at this time the runner brings a small tray and I send the coconut ball and some garnishes.

It sounds innocent enough but they continue to teach me things. The first thing would have to be attention to detail and the next timing. To put it modestly, last six months have taught me things I didn’t know existed  and woke me up to the fact that I was asleep in many ways. It is harsh realizing that you have been self sabotaging yourself by avoiding what your being calls you to do.

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