Remaining Focused – Chasing 2 Rabbits

Remaining Focused – Chasing 2 Rabbits


About a year ago, I heard this quote for the first time. The man saying it was quitting a job he had worked in for many years and explained that it was because he had a dream he was pursuing part time. He wanted to put all his energy into that dream because he felt ready in that moment. He then said “If you chase two rabbits you will catch not catch either”. Since then, that quote has stuck with me and for the first time today, I realized that it was applicable to me in this very moment.

Today I had the honor of meeting with a chef I have admired for a while. I had met him in passing and for the first time we sat and had a chat. About 2 and a half hours passed in what felt like 20 minutes and I felt alive again. Discussing food and cooking with him made me instantly remember who I was about 8 months ago. I vividly remember the excitement I would feel when walking into the kitchen. I remember seeing, tasting and spending hours cooking just because I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see what was possible.

Something I have come to realize over multiple experiences is that it is hard to work on multiple projects at the same time. Although I have operated this way for most of my life, ultimately one or more of them will end up fizzling away as you focus on another. For me this has been a major problem because I have a lot of skills that I have acquired. As such when I get bored of one thing, I find a way to move into another unconsciously. The big problem however is that I never really end projects. I just leave them in suspension till another date when the motivation to complete them returns.

For that reason I have been feeling quite unaccomplished. This is not because I have not done anything but because a lot of the bigger projects I have started remain unfinished. The sad part of creating is that your project does not exist until it is finished and presented to the world. Ideas are a dime a dozen.

In an effort to get the ball rolling on a few things, I am letting the other rabbits go in order to chase only one. Once I catch that one, I am definitely coming back for the others. As I have already brought them to life, it is only fair that I treat them with respect. Who knows,  by then, they may have even multiplied.

But at what point do you let the rabbit go? Which rabbit is more important?

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